Benefits of the Montgomery's Coastal Cool Maintenance Program

Good maintenance is the key to keeping equipment running efficiently and with a longer life.

Chillin Charlie's Maintenance Services



+ Included in the club are 2 services per year; 1 in Spring and 1 in Fall

+ You will receive monthly email reminders when filters are due to be changed

+ 10% Discount on services, unit replacement, and all IAQ products

+ Priority Service

+ Heat pump and A/C Services Included

+ Test all safety controls

+ Check and tighten all high and low voltage connections

+ Check compressor Amps, start and run

+ Check blower Amps; Check defrost control

+ Check reverse valve

+ Check temperature output

+ Check and replace filters with customer provided filters

+ Check thermostat operation and replace battery if applicable

+ Clean indoor and outdoor coil

+ Clear condensate drain and install time release tablets to keep them clean

+ Check freon levels

+ Check breakers for proper operation and size (Gas furnace service for fall services included when applicable)

+ Check fluke pipe, Clean burners

+ Inspect heat exchangers

+ Check all safeties

+ Technician will provide you with a detailed report upon completion of each service
$19.50 / Mo ($9.95 Each Additional System)


Starting at $20/Month